Sweetie pie

तुम्हारी चाय में चीनी ज़रूर

डायबिटीज़ ने छीन ली

पर मेरे जीवन में चीनी

तुमसे ही घुलती है



Ikk bande de gunaha di

Ik Umar humdi hai

Ik mard je

Chaddi jwaani

Koi paap Kar vi lave

Oh paap paap nhi hunda

Is gall nu

Appa sab ne ik

Mindset jeha bna leya

Mardan ne mundeya ne

Is gall te aavda

Haqq jeha samajh leya

Ik kudi di rooh

Budhepe vich vi

Kamb jaandi eh soch ke

Jo ode naal jwaani vich Hoya

Eh haqq marda nu

Rabb te nahi ditta si

Eh ehna aape le leya

Kise de Dil de

Totte hon ta hon

Kise de Dil de tote de

Tote hon ta hon


Meri maa

Mein shayad teen saala da si

Jado meri maa

Single mom bann gyi si

Mein maa te vaddi bhen

Meri nanki rehn lagge si

Maa nu vekhda si

Din raat

Kade school ch padhande

Rasoi vich kamm karde

Saanu padande

Roti khvande

Viche aavdi padhai vi naal agge karde

Mere bimar hon te

Raatan jhaakde

Godi vich leke

Menu vekh vekh ronde

Pta nhi Dil vich

Ki chalda maa de

Jadon mere sir te hath fer ke

Vekhdi hai menu

Te Kade khush hundi hai

Kade akhan vichon

Athru digg pende ne

Meri maa Sachi

Ajeeb hai

Par himmat Kade ni hardi

aavde saare shok

Saarian hasratan nu

Dil de kise

Kone vich dba ditta hai usne

Sirf mere layi

Meri bhen layi

Asi Meri maa de

Jiyon da ik lakshya si

Te Hain

Te humesha rahange

Mera jee pta ki karda

Bss baap de naa wale

Har column vich mein

Meri maa da naam likha

Baap ni mein vekhya

Naa mein vekhna

Bass eh ik rule

Mein badalna


हमेशा के लिए

तुम मिलना मुझे उस पार

जहां कोई

दिखावे का खेल ना हो

इक दूजे से आगे निकलने

की होड़ ना हो

जहां बस में होऊ

तुम हो

और बस प्यार की बात हो

सुबह तुम्हारी बाहों में हो

रात तुम्हारी बाहों में हो

मिल जाना बस वहां

इक बार

मिल जाना बस वहां

इक बार

हमेशा के लिए


When breath becomes air

Some books transport you into a completely different world. Sometimes you are reading something and you are so engrossed that your surroundings cease to exist. Every sound near you, be it sound of a fan or honking of vehicles or any other sound, seem to be a distant thing.

I recently read this book. It is so heart warming, heart breaking and true to the core. Each one of us should read this book once in their lifetime. It unveils many facts about doctors and their practices about which we are oblivious. It will belittle your problems.It shows the bravery of a person in this modern era. It shows his hunger for his passion and tells you what a real ambition is. It shows how much family is important for a person and also put a question to every person what is most important to you? This is the thing we have to figure out. Without wasting a second of our so so precious life we should strive towards our dreams and what is important to us. And after reading this I can tell you we do not need much.


Time is great with friends

It’s really great to catch up with friends. You are rejuvenated when you meet your friends and have a little gossip and have some meaningful and meaningless talks and leg pulling. And when a friend of yours gives you a surprise visit ,it is some kind of ultimate thing. Today one of my friends , ex colleague and a very good person stopped by to meet me and I was elated. We talked and talked and talked actually I talked more all the time I was just so happy to see her. Time is great with friends. Here is a photo of me and her